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Yield: 8Prep time: 40 min

3 small mixing bowls
1 pastry brush
1 whisk
1 baking sheet tray, lined with wax paper 
1 rolling pin
1 pizza cutter
2 spoons

1 9×12″ sheet of purchased Danish dough
1 egg
1T milk
.5c granulated sugar
1T cinnamon 
4 oz Lucky Penny Chèvre
1 oz orange marmalade 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
2. Place thawed Danish dough on a table so that it’s taller than wider 
3. Place egg and milk in mixing bowl and mix well
4. Brush egg wash over dough
5. Mix cinnamon and sugar in mixing bowl and sprinkle generously onto dough
6. Fold dough downward in half and gently roll with pin
7. Using pizza cutter, cut dough vertically into 8 even portions 
8. Take the first of the eight portions and place it horizontally in front of you
9. Place your left hand on the end closest to it and spiral the dough with your right hand, so it resembles a candy cane
10. With your left hand still on the dough, have your right hand swing the dough counter clock wise until you swirl the dough around the center until it looks like a snail shell. Place the end in the center and press it tight. Repeat until complete. 
11. Place the snail upside down on the baking sheet. Let it proof for 30 minutes or until it doubles in size.
12 Mix chèvre and marmalade in a bowl and place about 1T in the center of each Danish. Tip: Make a little pouch with your finger first.
13. Brush with the rest of the milk and egg mixture, than sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar. 
14. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until delicious golden brown.
Cool and Enjoy!