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Leah D. Bunting

Awakening Hypnotherapy Founder

Leah’s professional vision is grounded in empowering others to reclaim ownership of their personal lives and relationship goals. As an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHT), Industrial and Organizational Psychologist (IOP), Trauma Liberation Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Leah has perfected her abilities to keenly discern social, emotional, and subconscious drives, masterfully transforming beliefs and behaviors into conscious actions that result in meaningfully connected, joy filled, and free lives. 

About Awakening Hypnotherapy

At Awakening Hypnotherapy, we believe that healing is holistic.  We differ from traditional models that focus on addressing one aspect of a person’s health at a time.  We know that the most effective way to establish enduring well-being is to honor each person as a dynamic and holistic being composed of mind, body, and spirit. Because we regard each as essential to health, Awakening Hypnotherapy offers services that support minds, bodies, and spirits.

You can find out more about each of our various service offerings under the “Services” tab in our main menu. 

Awakening Concierge

Continuing to grow and thrive during a global pandemic has impacted us all.  We value your continued expansion, so we’ve adapted how we show up for you!  All services now include our premium “concierge” option.  What does this mean for you? To meet your needs for comfort, convenience and safety, we now offer our premium concierge option for all of our service offerings.  We bring our services to you in the privacy and safety of your own home, office, or retreat spaces.  Let us know if this option works best for you.