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Progress, Progress

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Things are progressing here on the farm. We’ve been working on the build out for the Lucky Penny Creamery in Kent, Ohio as well as working on the build out to the third generation dairy farm we’re renovating in Garrettsville. It’s a lot to do with babies being born everyday, full time jobs and three children. Still, it’s good to work on a dream and it’s better to be busy than not. However, our own house keeping has suffered immensely from our intense schedule. Abbe is focusing on getting all of our business ducks in a row and I’m doing whatever she tells me to – mostly. I’ve got artwork in a show in Cleveland this month at the Asterisk gallery and a couple of books I did with the American Ceramic Society have gone on sale. It’s a rich full life and hopefully we’ll be able to keep it all going. You know what happened to the family that worked hard, set goals and got everything they ever wished for? They lived happily ever after.