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If I’m allergic to cow milk, or lactose intolerant, can I drink goat milk?

All natural mammal-based milks (cow, goat, even human) contain lactose – the key sugar. However, many lactose-intolerant people are able to tolerate goat milk because it is easier for the stomach to digest. Goat milk does contain small amounts of the key protein like cow milk to which many people are allergic. If you are sensitive to this protein, goat milk may be well tolerated. Always check with your doctor prior to drinking goat milk.


Is your milk certified as organic?

While our farm and creamery are not certified as organic, our goat milk is free of antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives and bovine growth hormones (BGH).


What is rennet?

All of the Lucky Penny Farm cheeses are made from vegetable or microbial rennet.

Traditionally rennet is a milk coagulant made from the stomach lining or vells of calves when they are harvested for meat. The vells are dried, powdered, and usually reconstituted in water to produce liquid rennet. It is the most ancient, traditional, and expensive coagulant available to cheesemakers, and considered by many to be the best. It is less prone to produce bitter flavors than vegetable or modified coagulants.


Why are goat milk cheeses different in flavor than cow milk cheeses?

The overall fat content of each cheese is very similar. Goat milk has a higher proportion of medium-chain fatty acids such as caproic, caprylic, and capric acid. This accounts for its tart taste. The strong flavor is also caused by hormones. The milk is influenced by what the goat eats, and because of their strong digestive systems, goats tend to eat more bitter plants than cows. The flavor of goat cheese does range from very strong and pungent to mild and subtle. Aging the cheese additionally intensifies the flavor.


How can I arrange for Abbe to speak to my group?

Abbe would love to host a wine-and-cheese or cheesemaking presentation, or an inspiring and informative speaking engagement for your group. Contact Abbe at for her availability and rates.



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