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What do you feed a small kitten who has lost its mother?

Baby kittens, puppies, rabbits require certain nutrients to be able to grow up healthy and strong. Where normally the source of this diet would come from their mothers, some baby animals are not so lucky.

However, it has been proven that goat milk is a sufficient substitute to solve this problem. Also known as the “universal milk”, goat milk contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, etc—all things a young kit or pup needs to grow up strong.

Why not cow milk?

Cow milk contains certain proteins that are known to cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, goat milk has extremely low or no amounts of that certain protein. Additionally, goat milk is easier to digest due to its smaller fatty acid chains and looser curd formation. Goat milk also contains many antiviral properties that boost the immune system.

You can find that Lucky Penny Goat Milk is a great source of nutrition for orphaned animals and have all of the characteristics of a great goat milk product. Our products are pasteurized, Grade A and fresh. You can get a quart for $4 or a gallon for $13.