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Terra Madre Event 2008

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Every two years, the Terra Madre event convenes thousands of delegates from around the world in Turin, Italy for four days of meetings, workshops and lectures that focus on increasing small-scale, traditional, and sustainable food production. More than 700 delegates from the United States will participate in Terra Madre 2008. Delegates come away inspired from the meeting, with a greater sense of the shared commonalities among the world’s sustainable food producers, cooks and educators, and return to their farms, restaurants and universities with renewed dedication, empowered with the knowledge that they now belong to the international Terra Madre network.

Although this event is a private conference for which the delegates have already been selected, Terra Madre is concurrent with, and right next door to a large public event called Salone Del Gusto. Salone del Gusto is one of the food and wine sector’s major international events. Held every two years, the seventh edition in 2008 will once again provide a venue for conscientious producers to connect with a public increasingly interested in gastronomy and sustainable food production. Small-scale food producers come from all over the world to showcase their products; visitors are able to discover and taste a huge variety of foods including many Presidia producers; to taste some of the 1000s of wines in the enoteca; and attend any of the hundreds of Taste Workshops. Abbe Turner is honored to have been selected as a Terra Madre Delegate for 2008 as a farmer/food producer. Many thanks to Slow Food Cleveland Convivium for sponsoring the trip to Turin, Italy October 21-27, 2008.