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Leah Bunting

Brief info

As a professional Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHT), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and Industrial and Organizational Psychologist (IOP), Leah has perfected her abilities to keenly observe and alter social, emotional, and subconscious drives, which influence all human behavior and interactions.

Leah's experience includes education and applications in human physiology, neurobiology, cognitive psychology, interactive social dynamics, organizational change management, public/government communications, physical fitness instruction, and mental health counseling. She is an innovative and effective change management leader.

Leah's robust and diversified skill sets address all areas of human behavior modification. Through research and data-driven hard-science, Leah implements best-practices to successfully assess and correct motivational drives, simplify goal setting, uncover subconscious belief systems, and resistance to change - resulting in measurable, desired outcomes for clients and corporations.

Leah's professional vision is grounded in empowering others to reclaim and establish ownership of personal and organizational goals, leading to more fully connected, joyful individuals and workplaces.

As a military combat veteran and trauma survivor, Leah is passionate about mental health and helping others who have experienced trauma-related events and the suffering that is often found within the human condition. Using her mind-body-business modalities, Leah provides hypnotherapy, education, coaching, consulting, and related therapeutic healing modalities.

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