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A perfect complement for salads, pasta, pizza, desserts, and appetizers. Use your imagination and serve plain, herbed, or with local honey.

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A classic Greek goat milk recipe, is preserved and stored in its own salty whey brine. This tangy, milky feta adds body and salty pizzazz to any salad or cooked dish.

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Goat Milk

A wholesome alternative to cows milk and rich with Vitamins A and B. Our goat milk is not only nourishing but also all-natural and delicious! 


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Cajeta is Lucky Penny Creamery’s signature recipe. The specialty caramel confection appeals to palates due to its smooth, sweet, complex flavor complemented by warm, nutty undertones. This versatile recipe lends itself to a variety of flavorful and unexpected manifestations: first as a taffy-like meltaway candy or caramel sauce ideal when drizzled over ice cream, bread pudding, cake, fruit & nuts, or a variety cheese plate… but also as a smoky marinade, BBQ sauce or condiment perfect for grilling. Its ingredients are all-natural, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and trans fat-free, as well.

Cajeta is similar to a Dulce de Leche. Prepared by slowly heating sweetened goat milk to create a caramel sauce. Great on apple pie, ice cream, fruit, or as an addition to a cheeseboard!cream, fruit, or as an addition to a cheeseboard!

County Fair Goat Milk Fudge

From grassroots beginnings in the early 1800s to today, county fairs have served as hubs of agricultural innovation, learning and wholesome family traditions. A place for members of a community to gather and share their passions. A place for farm to table organic food producers to share with their community the amazing taste and health benefits of homegrown food. Lucky Penny Farm Goat Milk Fudge is a delicious treat of summer memories at the fair. Sweet, soft, cocoa, magical, memorable.

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