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Happy Holidays from Lucky Penny

With the holiday season now in full effect, we would like to encourage you to consider focusing on using local products as a part of your celebrations. We are very fortunate to work with and be surrounded by such a great community of local farmers and makers. Stop by your local farmers markets to shop for food and gifts this season.

Consider using Lucky Penny cheeses for your holiday celebrations. Pair our cheeses with local charcuterie or cudite to make an easy cheeseboard appetizer to serve or bring to a party, use our cheese or cajeta in baking, or add our products with other local products for a local gift basket.

We are thankful for our farmers that raise the goat’s we get our milk from, all of our farmer friends and local small businesses, and of course you, our customers.

We hope that you support local farms and small businesses this holiday season.

As always, post pictures and share recipes of how you use our products. Show us your favorite local foods and products and how you paired them with our cheeses or cajeta.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Lucky Penny!